Why Dogecoin is a great choice for a Decentralised Future


Dogecoin is a popular altcoin whose main features are decentralisation, fast transactions, non-deflationary nature, unlike Bitcoin that has a cap on how many coins can be produced, secure peer-to-peer payments and a mascot that anyone would come to like. While compared to the top crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum the Dogecoin Price Today is much lower and affordable by everyone which adds to its popularity. Here are three reasons why the coin is here to stay and is a great choice for a decentralised future.

It keeps the Bitcoin-dream alive

The Bitcoin dream is a decentralised currency that is permission-less, ruled by no laws and isn’t controlled by any monarchic interests but only shaped by consensus. This anarchic-democratic nature of Bitcoin has generated billions in value and paved the way for a whole host of cryptocurrencies to be created in its wake. It has also led to the creation of centralised crypto money that is controlled to maintain trust. In the midst of all of this, a tiny population of criminal element has had a negative impact on the whole decentralised cryptocurrency environment which makes many lose their trust in it. And thus centralised currencies and regulated cryptos gain the upper hand with the crypto-anarchy of decentralised blockchains struggling with constant attacks from criminals.

It looks like, for now, the centralised cryptocurrencies are winning with a world that is always in need of trust and reassurance. These non-minable centralised coins and tokens overshadow the Bitcoin/ altcoin ecosystem. But the remaining population does believe in the promise of decentralised currencies and continue to support them, the top choice among them being the likes of Bitcoin, Monero and Dogecoin. Dogecoin is everything Bitcoin stands for and will continue to be decentralised and persevere, supported by all who believe in this dream.

It continues to have supporters

The coin has been in the market since 2013 and has done well for a crypto that was regarded as a joke. Maybe it just could be that the joke added to its popularity and pushed for adoption by so many. A supportive community keeps the coin alive, and it has seen its fair share of a surprising market run which peaked at USD 2 Billion in market cap in Jan of 2018. The future looks bright and stable for this altcoin with the Dogecoin Price Prediction, as suggested by CoinSwitch; being a 93% change by the mid of 2019.

It’s friendly and popular

The future does belong to decentralised cryptocurrencies as the centralism is the political philosophy of the old civilisations. With societies ever losing trust in them, it’s only a matter of time that decentralised systems tip the equilibrium. Part of this is simplifying everything so even the most average of person can understand and operate it. Like Dogecoin’s website and its transactions. Its super-fun and friendly nature make it approachable by a wide audience which will eventually lead to its adoption. With so many exchanges around the world offering Dogecoin to Bitcoin Exchange, Dogecoin is a sure winner regarding survivability in the long.

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