Sleep Directions as per Vastu

Sleep Directions As Per Vastu

When considering which direction to sleep, Vastu Shastra considers the four main directions – East, West, North and South; and the five main elements of nature that influence everything around us – Earth, Air, Space, Water and Fire. The significance of your head and its direction while sleeping cannot be overstated. As per the popular belief of many Vastu consultants, sleep direction is critical in ensuring that the person can sleep peacefully without any disturbances or mental hurdles.

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Sleeping Directions as per Vastu:

One has to keep certain aspects in mind as far as sleeping direction is concerned. Vastu Shastra lays huge emphasis on the sleeping directions. According to Vastu, not every direction is suitable for sleeping. There are various directions that have unique attributes  which have a big influence in our lives. Let’s take a look at the different sleeping directions as per Vastu.

Sleeping with head towards the North:

If you staunchly believe in Vastu, one should be aware of the rules for sleeping towards the north. A dead body is laid with its head towards the north until cremation. Hindu tradition also believes that the soul takes north as its route while it starts towards the next world, when exiting the body. So, how could a person who is still alive sleep with his/ her head in the north direction? Besides this, we know the magnetic pole of the earth extends from the north to the south. If we compare the human body with a magnetic pole, the top of the head is positively charged, and the bottom of the feet is negatively charged.

The positive pole is in the north and the negative pole is in the south. Two positive poles create a force that causes sleep disturbance and lots of health hazards and neurological diseases. Even the people trying to recover from a long time serious illness, sleeping with their head in the north delay their recovery. So, sleeping with your head in the north achieves strict no certificate from the vastu experts for these vast numbers of adverse side effects.

Sleeping with head towards the south

Vastu experts suggest that sleeping with head towards the south is considered to be one of the best sleeping directions. This direction is known to be the best choice if one wants to have a quality sleep and get enriched with positive vibrations. As per the rules of Vastu Shastra, the south direction is the house of the Lord of death also called Yama. Therefore, this direction renders a deep, heavy, and sound sleep. Going back to the earth’s magnetic field theory ensures a balance between positive and negative energies. It draws positive energy into the body rather than out. Sleeping with the head towards the south offers health, wealth, and happiness in life.

Sleeping with head towards the east

Vastu Shastra says that the eastern direction is the storehouse for energy and power as the sun arises from this direction. Hence sleeping with your head towards the east is considered to be one of the best sleeping directions. It helps in getting a sound sleep and feeling refreshed in the morning. It also boosts concentration and helps sharpen memory associated with academics. Thus, it is advised for the students and individuals associated with academics, like teachers, professors, research scholars. It is best to implement this on children from an early age itself to help make progress from the early stage of life.

Sleeping with head towards the west

This direction is said to be neutral as it is not very beneficial as East or South, but definitely has some good advantages and benefits. If you are looking for success, in business or the workplace, then sleeping in this direction is the best. It helps you bag the best opportunities you come across in your life. Moreover, it can help you relieve you of any unwanted negative energies around yourself. so it is recommended for some people to sleep in this orientation.


Hope the article was helpful about the various sleeping directions as per vastu. One can follow the above stated methods for a good night’s sleep that will do wonders for the body and the mind. You can also speak to our experts with regard to UPVC windows in Bangalore.

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