Hyderabad Vs Bangalore – For a Road trip from Pune


Hyderabad or Bangalore: which city to travel from, Pune? If this is your dilemma, keep reading this blog to understand your options. With our flexible trip plans and itineraries, you can do more than take the typical road trip from Pune to Bangalore or Hyderabad. You can ride comfortably with Savaari.

Bangalore, long recognized for its technological industry, is a vibrant mash-up of cultures and businesses today, making it the most thriving metropolis in the south. As a result, Bangalore, an IT hub, serves as a model for Indian cities.

Hyderabad is gaining favor among discerning travelers, particularly those seeking a more luxurious experience. Continue reading to learn more about the journey from Pune to Hyderabad, including the most effective routes.

Pune, on the other hand, is much more than its youthful vibrancy. Looking past the commercialization, you may still see remnants of the old city thriving today. Use this Savaari guide when driving from Pune to Hyderabad or Bangalore. You may search for Bangalore cab service. We will take you on two beautiful roads. Begin the process right away!

Why make the trip from Pune to Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is one of the Indian cities where architectural designs will wow you. Hyderabad is well known for being both a high-tech metropolis and a melting pot of cultures. People across India have moved to this city for work and education. It is the birthplace of the well-known biryani and boasts a fantastic portfolio that includes historical palaces, bustling markets, a lively club scene, and Ramoji Film City.

A further strategy to improve your road trip from Pune to Hyderabad is to stop at each significant tourist attraction. Furthermore, you can personalize your travel with Savaari car rentals in Hyderabad to suit your tastes, spending limit, and preferences.

Why should you travel to Bangalore from Pune?

The route between Pune and Bangalore is undoubtedly one of the most popular in South India for a fast road trip or weekend holiday. Furthermore, by utilizing Savaari to book a car rental in Pune or Bangalore cab service, you can customize your itinerary and the duration of your holiday.

How far is it by car from Pune to Bangalore?

The straight travel from Bangalore to Pune should take 10 hours and a few minutes with regular traffic. The whole distance is 521 miles (838 km).

If you’re planning a road trip from Bengaluru to Pune, we’ve researched and found beautiful places to stop along the way, including Hampi and iconic sights like the Shree Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, Shivagange, and the ever-popular Grover Zampa Vineyards.

How far is it by car from Pune to Hyderabad?

Hyderabad and Pune are 565 kilometers apart; ideally, it should take 11 to 12 hours in light traffic.

If you’re taking a road trip from Hyderabad to Pune, we’ve done the homework and found excellent locations to stop along the way, including Shilparamam, the Hyderabad International Convention Centre-HICC, and the always well-liked Forum Sujana Mall.

Traveling from Pune to Hyderabad by road

The numerous surprises and prominent tourist places between Pune and Hyderabad will make your journey more enjoyable. Every traveler may enjoy the drive from Pune to Hyderabad similarly. In addition, the plethora of roadside restaurants providing regional cuisine enhances the travel from Pune to Hyderabad.

On the other hand, driving or hiring car rentals in Hyderabad is the most cost-effective option for transporting a family or a group of elderly or youngsters from Pune to Hyderabad. With Savaari’s entirely personalized Pune to Hyderabad trip offers, you may even stop at any sightseeing location to make your holiday unique.

Savaari can assist you in locating a comfortable taxi ride from Pune to Hyderabad.

Routes that connect Pune and Hyderabad

  • Route 1: The NH65 and the Pune-Solapur Road.

The optimum route from Pune to Hyderabad, which starts only a few kilometers before Pune, is the NH65, which goes from Pune to Hyderabad. The two cities are approximately 565 kilometers apart. This route will take around 10 to 11 hours.

  • Route 2: The Solapur-Pune Highway, NH 65, and Nehru Outer Ring Road.

This road takes roughly 10 to 11 hours from Pune to Hyderabad and allows you to see various Maharashtra and Telangana tourist destinations.

Taking a car from Pune to Bangalore

Three options exist for getting from Pune to Bangalore, but driving is the healthiest. It is more fun, intriguing, and adjustable, allowing you to change your itinerary and take side trips. You may see changes in people, culture, and geography by taking a road trip with the help of Bangalore cab service from Pune. This flexibility is frequently limited when choosing between an airplane and a train.

Routes that connect Pune and Bangalore

  • Route 1: NH 48 from Pune to Bangalore.

The 842-kilometer journey from Pune to Bangalore takes over 14 hours. Regular traffic from Pune to Bangalore is expected, but no significant delays will occur. Before you go, always check for traffic changes and use live maps to get the most up-to-date information on the road conditions from Pune to Bangalore.

  • Route 2: Pune – Solapur Road – Pune Highway and NH50.

The 873-kilometer journey from Pune to Bangalore takes around 15 to 16 hours. Before you go, always check for traffic changes and use live maps to get the most up-to-date information on the road conditions from Pune to Bangalore. This is an alternative route from Pune to Bangalore. There are more options for sightseeing along this route.

Wrapping up

Bangalore and its surroundings have several natural and artificial beauties, making it a great starting point for innumerable road trips and adjacent destinations. Bangalore is in the heart of South India, surrounded by the region’s states. With several national and state routes crisscrossing the state, you may travel anywhere, anytime, within a few hours.

While Hyderabad never ceases to stun visitors with its breathtaking beauty, featuring beautiful old architecture, cityscape views, and excellent cuisine. So, why wait? It’s time to start thinking about a road trip from Pune to Hyderabad or Bangalore and decide on car rentals in Hyderabad with Savaari!

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